Live an experience

A shared flat unlike any other

Rent a room in a home in Luxembourg or Spain. You can benefit from discounts in exchange for small services rendered to your senior flatmate.

An innovative and attractive system that creates meaningful links between the generations.

The advantages of a tandem

More than just a roof

You live with someone from another generation. You can learn from them and teach them in return. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable flat-sharing experience

Connecting generations

Say goodbye to loneliness and hello to helping each other. Having a young student or active person in the house is a daily source of good humour.

Housing that pays

Are you an owner? Your unused room will provide you with additional income. Tenant? Your rent is reduced in exchange for small services.

TANDEMS partners

The ideal location awaits you

We create personalised tandems to guarantee you the best possible sharing experience. Rent a room or look for accommodation differently - the more services you provide, the lower your rent! Operate stress-free, our tandems are insured by Lalux Assurances.

The TANDEMS experience

We take action to improve quality of life and are committed to our community by building bridges between generations and creating moments of humanity, where each of us looks after and supports the other according to our means.
Depending on your needs


Rich moments


A relationship of trust


A single point of contact

➕ of services = ➖ of rent

Rent that matches your involvement: give your host a helping hand and benefit from discounts! The more you help, the more you deduct. It's a win-win situation!

Examples of helping hands? Computer help, gardening, telephone handling, shopping, odd jobs, parcel collection... As much time as you want, as long as it is between a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 20 hours per month.

There are no specific conditions or age limits. The Senior simply needs to be the owner of their home and the Junior must be over 18, have a work contract or be enrolled in a university or school (and be legally resident in France).

The rent is all-inclusive, including utilities and internet subscription.

If your contract has not yet been signed, we can offer you a free search for a new Junior or Senior. Bear in mind that this is limited to one search after a failed contract.
If you sign a contract, you can terminate it by giving 15 days' notice if the Junior or Senior fails to meet its contractual obligations.

The tandem is based on the temporary and respective needs of both the Junior occupant who, for example, wants to integrate on arrival in the country, take the measure of his new job and/or complete a trial period or even complete his year of study and the Senior who, for example, temporarily needs help, wants to break his temporary solitude, to cope with a new and transitional situation. You are free to choose what suits you best, depending on the reasons why you are looking for accommodation, up to a maximum of 12 months. And there's nothing to stop you signing a new contract!
We have the experience to advise you on the right amount of rent based on a number of criteria, including the location of your accommodation, the size of the room, the availability of a private bathroom and WC, and so on.

We guarantee that all the rooms we offer meet the legal requirements: at least 9 m2. We also take care of the layout (quality, cleanliness) and decoration (modern).

Ready to make the move to intergenerational cohabitation?

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