This page lists all the questions that Juniors and Seniors have asked before you.

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General questions

There are no specific conditions or age limits. 

The Senior only needs to own their own home and the Junior must be over 18, have a contract of employment or be enrolled at a university or school (and be legally resident in France).

We meet with you to define your needs and our respective roles. In the second stage, we look for the right person for you within our trusted network. We make sure that the property meets our quality criteria, and then we arrange to meet you. We leave you free to "choose yourself". If you agree to work in tandem, we suggest that you sign a contract with each other.

We guarantee that all the rooms we offer meet the legal criteria: at least 9 m2. We also make sure that they are fitted out to a high standard (quality, cleanliness) and decorated in a modern style.

Rest assured! We have a professional selection process in place. We have therefore decided to provide a human service based on personalised exchanges rather than on computer parameters that cannot be verified.

We meet each Junior and Senior personally and have an in-depth interview with a series of precise questions to make sure that they meet the fundamental moral values of trust, solidarity, care, mutual aid, respect, politeness and courtesy. 

All these values will also be stipulated in the contracts you sign with each other. You therefore undertake to respect them scrupulously.

As you can see, we're doing everything we can!

The tandem is based on the temporary and respective needs of both the Junior Occupant who, for example, wants to integrate on arrival in the country, take the measure of his new job and/or complete a trial period or even complete his year of study and the Senior who, for example, temporarily needs help, wants to break his temporary solitude or deal with a new and temporary situation.

You are free to choose what suits you best, based on the reasons why you are looking for accommodation, up to a maximum of 12 months.

And there's nothing to stop you signing a new contract!

Because we know the market and the culture in both countries. Our team lives there and our experience has led us to house many young Spaniards starting their first job in Luxembourg.

A concern for others : We take action to improve quality of life and are committed to our community by building intergenerational bridges and moments of humanity where everyone looks after and supports the other according to their means.

Flexible solutions: The tandem and its pricing offer creative and flexible solutions over time, according to individual needs. 

Sincere service: We are warm, honest and transparent. We care about our customers, and inspire confidence. 

A simple offer: Our ambitions are high, but our solutions are simple. Being understandable to everyone is a priority for us.

If you have not yet signed the contract, we offer you a free search for a new Junior or Senior. Don't forget that this is limited to one search after a failure.

If you sign a contract, you can terminate it by giving 15 days' notice if the Junior or Senior fails to meet its contractual obligations.

Questions from the Juniors

The rent is all-inclusive, including utilities, internet and insurance.

The amount of the annual insurance will be paid directly to the insurance company by you.

Several documents will need to be signed. There will be a contract for the provision of accommodation and intergenerational cohabitation, which gives you the right to occupy your room. There will also be a Charter of values and commitments relating to cohabitation, which will help to establish the bond of solidarity and mutual aid between you. Finally, there are the Rules for Living Well Together, so that everyone is clear about what they can and cannot do.

We will, of course, be present when the documents are signed and will help you with the inventory of fixtures.

It depends on what the Senior wishes. However, it must not exceed two months' rent.

Senior citizens can also take out an "unpaid rent guarantee" policy, if they wish, and choose to pay the premiums themselves or have the Junior pay them instead of the deposit.

You must be over 18, have a work contract or be enrolled at a university or school, and be legally resident in France. And that's all there is to it!

Here's a test to find out (worthy of the best women's magazines). If you find yourself in each of the following statements, TANDEMS is for you. 1) You care about other people: you like the community approach and the moments of exchange between generations 2) You're looking for flexible and advantageous rates 3) You need transparency and trust 4) You don't want any headaches, your rental contract must be simple and understandable.

Questions from senior citizens

At least 3 times a year, we review with you any difficulties that may arise and that should already have been resolved. If necessary, we can act as your mediator.

Here's a test to answer them (worthy of the best women's magazines). If you find yourself in each of the following statements, TANDEMS is for you. 1) You care about other people: you like the community approach and moments of exchange between generations 2) You sometimes need a helping hand 3) You need transparency and trust 4) You don't want to get bogged down in a headache: the procedures must be simple and understandable.

Please note that the Junior is in no way your employee. They provide you with services in a flexible and friendly way, in a spirit of mutual assistance. The Junior therefore organises himself as he wishes according to his availability and without any instructions from the Senior. 

To ensure that solidarity, which is the founding value of your contract, is put into practice, the Junior will undertake to help you at least 8 hours a month, and to ensure that the help always remains a small service, the Junior will give you a hand no more than 20 hours a month.

Of course, you can change this volume whenever you like by agreeing on a month-by-month basis.

You can request all kinds of services from Junior. 

Here are a few examples of services: 

Gardening, shopping, odd jobs, dog walking, making appointments, assistance with small adjustments to computers, television, internet box, small secretarial jobs (writing letters, sending and collecting parcels), cultural accompaniment, preparing a meal, discussion, assistance, handling mobile phones, video calls, answering Whatsapp, sending photos, etc.

We have the experience to advise you on the right amount of rent based on various criteria, including the location of your accommodation, the size of the room, the availability of a private bathroom and WC, etc...

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